Strokes by Red – Imagination, Creativity, Spirit

Strokes By Red – Red (Linda Harrison) – Contemporary Abstracts 

Passionately Soulful By Red, 60x40 acrylic abstract with vibrant pinks and blues hanging on wall  After the Wildfire Acrylic Abstract Over white Couch by Red, 20" x 40", gallery wrap canvas

Hidden Waterfall acrylic abstract by Red, Room Setting    Tween Times, Tween Places, Mixed Media Abstract by Red, 40x40, Room Setting 2

Soulshine, Acrylic Abstract by Red Room Setting   Looking Within by Red Oil Abstract 48"x36"

Red Hot & The Blues Music Art, 60 x 36 Mixed Media Abstract Room Setting 

Playful by Red, 72" x 36", Oil Abstract, Room Setting  The Night Returns Just Like A Friend Acrylic Abstract by Red, Room Setting 2Lipstick Sunset Acrylic Abstract by Red Room Setting  Reflections and Inspiration acrylic abstract by Red, 30" x 20" on gallery wrap canvas over Shelf, Soft blue

– Fine Art expressed with Contemporary Abstracts. Vibrant colors, different textures and unique, fluid movements are elements in Red’s original acrylic and oil paintings. She conveys nature’s inspirational spirit through her modern art. To connect with her audience,  Red writes a unique short story for each painting.

Red says that her art is an adventure, at times daring, whimsical, passionate, and challenging; but always expressive. Abstract art allows her to freely express her creative spirit with imagination not bound by reality.

Dare to Feel Fine Art Visit Red’s Gallery. 

You can also connect with Red on www.facebook.com/StrokesbyRed or www.instagram.com/strokesbyredartist

“Art is an extraordinary world with unlimited boundaries, opening doors to imagination, creativity and spirit. This is my world.”
~Red (Linda Harrison)

“Art is a voice – let it speak” ~Rochelle Carr

What Collectors are saying about Red’s Abstracts

“I love Red’s work. She is passionate and it shows in her paintings. I love that every painting has a story. Can’t wait to add to my collection.” ~ Paula Myer, Longwood, FL

“I am over the moon. I just received your paintings; and they are even better than the pictures. I am so excited; I can’t wait to put them up. Your talent is incredible. I can’t wait for my friends to see my newest acquisitions!” ~Lisa Erwin, Huntsville, AL

Honestly, I could turn my house into a Red Gallery!” ~ John Prentice, Denver, CO

“Gorgeous colors that come to life! Awesome!” ~Traci Jones, Oviedo, FL

“She has a God given artistic vision that flows thru her brushes with the compassion that is reflected on her canvas.”  ~Richard and Debbie Forrest, Lake Mary, Fl

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