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Below are various Fine Arts News and Events that Strokes By Red has participated in. Red has had the opportunity to share her contemporary abstract art with many. So, scroll down to see pics of Red and her modern abstract art. You will see past art events or exhibits and news articles. Similarly, you will fine art gallery exhibitions, gallery catalogue cover, art and interior magazine articles, charity events and much more.

Red says that sharing her abstract art with new acquaintances or even, passersby is always an exciting and enjoyable experience. Seeing that abstract paintings have increased in popularity is an encouragement. In just a quick visit to a gallery or an art fair, one can easily see the enthusiasm in abstract art! 

She says that it is always interesting to watch viewers react to one of her pieces. “It is thrilling to see a painting capture the audience’s attention and create a an emotional involvement.” Red reminds her viewers that she writes an inspirational short story. A story that is unique to each artwork. As a result, sharing her inspirational short stories allows her to connect with collectors and observers for a deeper more enriched art experience.

Red believes art is extremely important to all. View this video to listen to why Red believes art is a powerful voice.

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Red’s Abstracts at The Hub on Canal Art Gallery New Smyrna Beach, FL

Red has joined The Hub on Canal Art Gallery in New Smyrna Beach FL. “I am so happy to be part of this gallery. Everyone is welcoming and there are so many different talents and artwork on [...]

Red’s Abstracts Enhances the Walls of City National Bank Orlando

       City National Bank is renting Red’s Abstracts to add life and beauty to their walls in their wonderful location in downtown Orlando, FL. Stop by CNB and BCI Capital to see 21 of [...]

Expressive Strokes by Red January Exhibition The Hub on Canal

Expressive Strokes by Red January Exhibition Opening in the Founders Gallery at The Hub on Canal New Smyrna, FL ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Expressive Strokes – Imagination, Creativity, Spirit ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ by Red [...]

Red’s November Art Events

For the month of  November, Red’s Paintings are on Exhibit at the following Venues and Online Galleries: Cool Spirit and No Thinking Thing Abstracts selected for Fusion Art 4th Annual Women [...]

Red in the Media

In addition to Red receiving multiple awards for her artwork this past year, she has also received media recognition too. Various media publications have written their story about Linda Harrison, [...]

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