Abstract Wall Art – Red and Your Space

Below are various abstract wall art photos of Red’s artwork in various installations (Collectors’ homes and office settings).

If you are curious how one of Red’s paintings will look on a wall, then scroll below to see various photos of her abstract art in different settings. Double click on any photo to see the full image depicted in a room setting. Check back often since Red is always updating this page with new photos.

Abstract Wall Art – Red and Your Space

Red uses an art staging app to provide her audience with a creative way to display her paintings in various room settings. In fact, she uses ArtRoomApp

She likes this app because it is easy to superimpose her abstract paintings into various backdrops and rooms. In addition, the app offers a quick and easy tool to superimpose art images upon elegant interior spaces.

 You can also See where my work is featured in local spaces here:

 Strokes by Red – Red (Linda Harrison)’s Wescover Map

Wall Art Images

These abstract wall art images provide an idea of how canvas wall art might look in a living room, kitchen, bathroom or office. It gives the audience an idea of what one of Red’s abstract paintings will look like in a home or office environment.

Other words, it is a good way to visual large artwork, modern wall art, bathroom wall art, and all types of canvas art. Furthermore, it can help with choosing art and/or the wall color/material of a room.

If you would like a particular painting imposed into a specific setting to be able to choose how Red’s artwork will look on your wall, just contact Red. She can do this for you. She can even use a frame or other features to demonstrate her paintings in a room.

See all of Red’s Creations in her gallery

Connect with Red  www.facebook.com/StrokesbyRed or www.instagram.com/strokesbyredartist

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