Strokes by Red Featured Works 

Red’s Floating In Canvas Series

Red likes to create abstracts where the content seems to be floating within the blank canvas. These abstracts all feature different shapes, textures and colors, but lots of white canvas remain as you can see from this collection.

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Abstract Art and Its Connection with the Viewer

Hope you enjoyed this page displaying Red’s Artwork – Strokes by Red Featured Works.

Abstract art is not only personal to its creator, it is personal for the viewer as well. It is fluid and definitely open to interpretation. You may look at a piece I have done and feel things that I didn’t necessarily intend for you to feel, or that I don’t feel about my work. One of the things I like about abstract art is, there is no right or wrong way to interpret my work.

I also understand that not everyone loves or relates to abstract art. Their reasons for disliking abstract art may be that it makes them uncomfortable or because they find it intimidating, or it could be just as likely that abstract art has no appeal for them. I get that!

My art is a form of expression, and for me to be successful, I have to make sure it expresses my point of view. Not what I think others want or might like. I know that everyone will not understand what I meant in the literal sense. That is okay. But I hope you gleam the emotions and the undercurrent from what I create within the human psyche. In the end, I seek to touch others by communicating through abstract art.

Abstract art is about engaging the emotion of the viewer, free of the distractions that painting immediately recognizable objects presents. This is my venue in which I communicate my inner voice, and being. I can express myself without rules.

“There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.” Pablo Picasso

Dare to Feel,


See all of Red’s Creations in her gallery

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