Red’s Fine Art Gallery 

  • A large selection of Contemporary Abstract Art
  • Includes Landscapes (Red’s EnhanceScapes), Nature, Mascots
  • ORIGINAL WORKS of Art on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
  • Limited-Edition High-Quality PRINTS Available
  • Red’s COMPLETE PORTFOLIO is located in the Oil and Acrylic Categories
  • Feature Works, Softer Side, Mostly Red, The Blues, and Bold Strokes are subsets of the oil and acrylic categories
  • Red also creates Commission Pieces. Email her at

Featured Works

Sultry Moods Acrylic Abstract by Red on Gallery Wrap Canvas, 60x40

Oil Paintings

Rainbow of Emotions Oil Abstract by Red, 30x24, Gallery Wrap Canvas

Acrylic Paintings

Summer Wind Acrylic Abstract by Red, 48x 48, Gallery Wrap Canvas

The Blues

Ethereal Lights abstract by Red, Oil, 36x48 on gallery wrap canvas

Bold Strokes

Bold and Beautiful Acrylic Abstract by Red 40" x 40" Gallery Wrap Canvas

Softer Side of Red

Turquoise Trail Acrylic Abstract by Red, 36x72 on gallery wrap canvas

Mostly Red

Mischievous - a bold, colorful abstract, 30" x 40", gallery Wrap Canvas

Red & Your Space

Abstract Art, Whispering Strokes Large Oil Abstract by Red, 60" x 40", Gallery Wrap Canvas Hung by Large Viewing Window

EnhanceScapes, Nature, Mascots

Bayou Essence Mixed Media Artwork - Photo art and acrylic on gallery wrap canvas 24x18


Abstract, Oil

Red’s Fine Art Gallery – Why Red Chooses Abstract Art?

Red’s Fine Art Gallery is overflowing with wonderful, colorful abstracts in oils and acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas. Below you can learn why Red chooses Abstract Art to create contemporary abstract paintings.

Abstract art is a type of art that has no boundaries within the real world. That is why I am so drawn to this form of art. It releases a sense of freedom that I can’t experience in any other art form. The shapes can be melded together and different colors can either flow to make a harmonious pattern or design, or clash in violent frenzy. Perfect for someone looking for no rules in their painting adventures.

No Boundaries with Abstract Art

Think about it.  If you are an attorney, consultant, teacher, engineer, nurse and so on; you have reality every day. There are straight lines; specific ways to accomplish your tasks. There is a form of order with boundaries, rules, laws to adhere to.

But with abstract art, all that fades. There is only imagination. It can be anything, a purple house, a green sky, or no sky, no house; just shapes, lines, textures that come together to create an emotion, feeling, mood, or expression.

I communicate all this through my abstract paintings. It is an expression of myself that hopefully touches and moves others. You might not think or realize this, but abstract art, even more so than any other type of art, is very personal. I seek to personally touch others by communicating through the freedom and expression of abstract art.

Dare to Feel,


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