A Few Testimonials – Quotes from Red’s Collectors

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Just thinking about how much I love the paintings that I have in my home. They bring me joy every day! Thank you!” 

Sunset Blues, 36 x 72, Oil

Sandy Kousek, Delane, FL

Sunset Blues, Oil, 36 x 72 by Red

“Thank you, Red, for adding to the beauty of our home with your amazing talent”.

Evening at the Glen, Oil Abstract by Red

Evening at the Glenn, 48×48, Oil

David Roberts, Orlando, FL




Red Sky A Glow by Red, Acrylic Abstract 36x24

“We love our beautiful painting!

It has pride of place in our home. An incredible gift, that I fell in love with from your website.

My Mother and I both said it was our favorite – and she and Dad bought it for us for our new home.

Red Sky Aglow, 36×24

Thank you,”

Julia and Gabe Willis, Orlando FL



“My office is the place where I spend the majority of my waking hours. So, what I see when I look up from my computer screen is very important to me. I chose “Intertwined” because each brush or trowel stroke represents a unique statement or a link to a new perspective somewhere else on the canvas. I see it as a creative message on what’s possible. I love it!”

Intertwined, Oil 40×30

Michael Kerrigan, Denver, CO


“”Hidden by the Night” inspires me as new images are revealed to me each time I look at it. The contrast of the black, white, and greys are mystical. I love Red’s artwork!”

Hidden by the Nigh Oil Abstract by Red

  • Hidden By the Night, 30×40

Tania Beckel, Umatilla FL


“Red’s Art is contagious. During our first visit to her studio, we were searching for just the right piece for our home. Linda’s talent is astonishing with many different layers of complexity!! Such so that we now own three in our collection! ❤️”

  • The Light Fantastic, 72×36
  • Without Distractions, 48×48
  • Conquering the Dark, 24×36

Fantastic Light by Red

Carol Logan, Lake Mary FL


It Feels Like Rain, Acrylic Abstract by Red


“Red’s paintings are an excellent addition to our home. They make great accent pieces in our sitting room and we’ve had so many conversations and compliments from friends about them. Fantastic job as always!”

Feels Like Rain, 30×24

Home Through the Storm, 24×36

Jacob Bagwell, Loveland CO




Journey To The Top Abstract by Red


“I recently bought my 2nd painting done by Red: Journey to the Top. I fell it in love with it months ago and finally bit the bullet. I just thought it was beautiful when looking at it on line. In person, OMG!! The depth is spectacular. The colors are show-stopping and the over all effect is so calming. To look into that scene that Red envisioned is to gaze into the most serene of mountain ranges. I love it!!

The decor in my personal office is, at best, drab!! Having these 2 pieces of your beautiful artwork on each side of me as I sit at my desk is more than therapeutic. The depth of the larger one somehow conveys peacefulness and calm. Those are feelings that can’t help but make this a better place to work! Then there’s the smaller, brighter one that I see as I work on my PC. It makes me smile at a glance.

Thank you so much for creating such wonderful ‘props’ for where I spend most of my time!!”

Play Me, 15×30

Journey to the Top, 36×36

Marianne Terry, Mobile AL


“I love the way these paintings by Red brighten my walls.”

  • A Place Far Away, 20×20
  • Red’s Escape, 48×24

Pam Ater, Lake Mary FL

Red's Abstracts Purchased by Collector Pam Ater

“My beautiful Blue Bijou still is one of my total favs. Your generosity letting me choose it from 6 others for the charity event – how could I not make it my own and bring it home.

Thank you.”

  • Blue Bayou, 40×30 Blue Bayou Abstract by Red


Lynne Michler, Altamonte Springs FL


Diversity - Triptych by Red, Abstract, Acrylic


“I’ve known Red for over 20 years. Her art like her personality add a spicy vibrant energy to any space.  Red’s creations melt color and movement which became the focal point of our beige walls.  My spouse and I couldn’t stop with only one piece after seeing how her art completed the space.  As you can see, we purchased many.  If we had a larger home, we would get more of Red’s art and the thoughtful stories that accompany them.”

Roger Woizeschke Denver, CO



Abstracts by Red



“We absolutely love these pieces by Red! They’ve added so much color and beauty to our home and we will cherish this art for years to come.”

Toffy Blaber and Chad Harrison Jacksonville, FL



Magical by Red, 48x80 Acrylic Abstract

“One of Red’s sisters is a dear friend – who it just so happened – desperately needed a beach break last year. So, there we were – enjoying the breeze and ocean view and looking through Red’s webpage at her latest projects. I wasn’t even really shopping when Magical simply leapt off the screen. She was powerful and glowed with all the colors around us – blues and creams and golds. I was instantly smitten and quickly realized she would fit in a very large space in our Great Room. Red was gracious enough to collaborate with her framer work on Magical and the result is a truly remarkable work that lives up to her name.”


Magical, Acrylic, 48×80

Elizabeth Cheney, Birmingham, Al


What a beautiful compliment to my walls, looks like it was a custom job.  Love❤️

Golden Treasures Abstract by Red

  • Golden Treasures”, Acrylic, 30×40

Annette Guillot, White Castle, LA


OMG! The painting is breathtaking!!! I love it!!!! The story is over the top too. After showing it off all afternoon at the bank, I’ve hung it in my bedroom for now. It is the first thing I see when I get up in the mornings!! So happy and hopeful. Thank you so much for doing this. It is a legacy that I’ll be so proud to pass down the line to Bea.

Sunshine of My Life by Red Oil Abstract

  • “Sunshine Of My Life”, Oil, 20×24

Marianne Terry, Mobile, AL


Abstract, Acrylic


“Red, I am so excited about my painting “Wildflowers Shine”. I absolutely love it. I have picked the perfect spot for it!. You have such an amazing talent! Thanks for sharing it with the world.”

Wildflowers Shine / Acrylic / 20” x 20” /

Teresa McCombs, Birmingham, AL




Glorious Day By Red, Oil Abstract


“The best way I can articulate the creations of Red’s work is each painting speaks to me and tells a story! Imagine listening to your favorite music and you’re able to visualize and translate the words onto canvas!

Once completed, Red then puts pen to paper and writes the story of how this painting matches the lyrics and notes of the music. She has a God given gift that flows thru her brushes with the compassion that is reflected on her canvas. Her work will also speak to you!”

Glorious Day / Oil / 40” x 60” /

Debbie Forrest, Lake Mary, FL


“Red starts with a blank canvas and her passion is transferred into a beautiful treasure.” ~ Julie Miller, Longwood, FL

“I am over the moon. I just received your paintings; and they are even better than the pictures. I am so excited; I can’t wait to put them up. Your talent is incredible. I can’t wait for my friends to see my newest acquisitions!” ~Lisa Erwin, Huntsville, AL

Your painting has received many appreciative comments in our home; and it makes us feel good every time we look at it!”  ~Adam Petrillo, Miami, FL

“I have been a fan for sometime now. Red’s paintings go further than just colors..each painting has its own beautiful character and comes to life on canvases! She truly is an awesome attribute the the world Art!!” ~ Ken Bolling, AL

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