Listen to the Voice of Red as she connects with the world through her canvas.

Voice of Red says:

“My voice is the expression of abstract art. My voice is the expression of abstract art. Abstract art allows me to freely express my creative spirit with imagination not bound by reality. Through the use of color, movement, textures, and shapes; my abstracts come to life. I create with brushes, palette knives and often just my fingers using oils and acrylics. I love the free-flowing movement of abstracts. It is my inner voice.

I paint intuitively. I don’t choose the content, it chooses me. My best creations are when I let my hands do the talking.

Voices Triptych by Red Room Setting Oil Abstracts  Hidden Waterfall acrylic abstract by Red, Room Setting

Integral to my artwork is my love of and connection to Nature and Music. Both evoke sensory experiences that awaken my creativity and free my human spirit.

To better connect with my audience, I write an uplifting short story for each painting. These stories may have some history, uplifting quotes, or discussion about music.

Hopefully one of my paintings touches you and you feel the Voice of Red.”

Sun's Grace Sunset Painting By RedLipstick Sunset Acrylic Abstract by Red, 36x 24  The Journey An Abstract by Red

Dare to Feel,


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