Artist’s Statement

Red’s Artist Statement will provide you with a peak into her passion and spirit for creating modern abstracts using oils and acrylics.

Art is an extraordinary world with unlimited boundaries, opening doors to imagination, creativity and spirit. This is my world. I always feel free, alive and in touch with my inner spirit when I have a brush in hand and direct the paint to fly across the canvas. My creativity is fired by Red.

“Red” is my art signature (not just the color of my hair). I choose the color Red for its influence and meaning – strength, passion and spirit. The elements I want to convey in every single painting I create.

Red gives me:

  • Strength to express myself freely and allow my inspiration to dance across the canvas,
  • Passion to live life to its fullest,
  • Spirit to reflect on something greater and more meaningful than myself.

These elements help translate my deeply held belief that all things found in nature have a unique source of energy. I strive to capture this energy in contemporary abstracts with vibrant colors, textures and movements using acrylics and oils. My style can be explained simply: no rules.

Striking Difference Abstract by Red, Room View 48x24

Red’s Artist Statement – The process itself is simple.

Once I select a few colors, the influence of Red (strength, passion and spirit) takes over.
The actual composition of the work evolves to music: blues, rock n roll, country, alternative, or anything soulful and energetic. Music has always been a huge part of my life and painting to the rhythms, especially the blues, helps quiet my mind and release the creative spirit.

The result is a complex layering, a blending of colors expressed in dy-namic and fluid brush strokes that convey my art. My art is an adventure, at times daring, whimsical, passionate, and challenging; but always expressive. There will never be enough time to experience all the depths, excitement and splendor of creating art. I cherish each day I paint to explore and reveal the nature of Red.

To give the audience and my collectors insight into my inspiration and to better connect with my work, I write an uplifting short story for each painting. These stories may have some history, uplifting quotes, discussion about music, it all depends on the piece itself.

Dream. Believe. Create. Succeed.


Artist Red at the Boundless Color Art Exhibition Artist Reception

Dare to Feel,


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