Rainbow of Emotions

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Medium: Oil

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  • 30" x 24"
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  • 30" x 24"
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Rainbow of Emotions

Did you know that every rainbow has seven colors beginning with red and ending with violet or purple? The colors of the rainbow are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

Rainbow of Emotions Oil Abstract by Red, 30x24, Gallery Wrap Canvas, Hung on white wall with Yellow Chair

Oh, just these simple 7 colors of the rainbow can evoke such emotion. Of course, a rainbow in itself symbolizes success, hope and fortune to many of us.  As you gaze upon the vibrant rainbow colors, you may feel happiness and a sense of excitement and wonderment.

Indeed, a rainbow is a many-splendored thing. For over the centuries, rainbows have mystified scientists, enthralled storytellers and became part of social change. But if you look at each color of the rainbow separately, you can also feel an array of emotions.

 Rainbow of Emotions – Color Moods

Furthermore, many researchers have proved that color and light can change our mood, sleep, heart rate, and even our happiness. A great example can be seen in our daily routine; green and blue light i.e., sky and nature revive us and makes us feel happy and energetic. So perhaps you can begin to see that colors play an important role in our lives. Different colors symbolize different personalities, and also affect our moods differently. Even the seven colors of rainbow are also linked to seven chakra colors, seven days of the week, the colors of the Auras and so much more.

The rainbow is a beautiful natural phenomenon; knowing the significance of each of the colors of the rainbow makes it even more beautiful. While Nature or God has created this glorious natural phenomenon; philosophers have given a meaning to its colors.

Rainbow of Emotions Oil Abstract by Red, 30x24, Gallery Wrap Canvas, Hung Over Sofa Table

Let us revisit the seven colors of the rainbow and what each one represents: (From Color Meanings – Colors of the Rainbow)

Rainbow Color Meanings

  1. Red – The first color of the rainbow from the top. Red signifies passion, vitality, enthusiasm and security. It is the light with the longest wavelength.
  2. Orange – This light or color is a combination of yellow and red. It is a dynamic color representing creativity, practicality, playfulness as well as equilibrium or control.
  3. Yellow – This is the color of the sunshine itself. It represents clarity of thought, wisdom, orderliness and energy.
  4. Green – The middle color of the rainbow and denotes fertility, growth, balance, health and wealth.
  5. Blue – This the fifth color of the rainbow which makes us think of the Unknown. The sky and the wide oceans are in this color and hence it has been associated with Spirituality and Divinity.
  6. Indigo – It is believed that where Blue is calming, Indigo is sedating. Indigo is mystical as it bridges the Gap between Finite and Infinite. This colored gemstones are often used for spiritual attainment, psychic abilities, self-awareness and enhancement of Intuition.
  7. Violet – The last color of the rainbow is a mix of red and blue. It is considered the highest element of spirituality. It can ignite one’s imagination and be an inspiration to artists. Dark tones of violet are associated with sorrow. Deeper shades of violet or purple denote high spiritual mastery.

Rainbow of Emotions Oil Abstract by Red, 30x24, Gallery Wrap Canvas, Hung over Fireplace with White ChairsTherefore, the most mesmerizing aspect of the rainbow — the vivid array of colors, can give us a rainbow of emotions to feel, express and contemplate. The idea that certain colors can bring about change in our mood or influence our behavior and decision is to a great extent a truth. However, most of the time we either ignore this or we are simply unaware of it in our daily life.

Rainbow of Emotions – An Oil Diptych

In summary, whether we believe or not, colors do have an emotional effect on us. We think about the right shade to paint our house or the color we want to wear to an event, and it goes on and on. For we are so unaware of the importance of each color, but we to know that it plays a very essential role in our life in some way or the other.

So, while you gaze upon this small oil abstract that I titled “Rainbow of Emotions”, remember to be a RAINBOW in your own life. For the rainbow truly reflects how life is actually lived with a plethora of human emotions. Be passionate like red, creative like orange, positive like yellow, generous like green, trustworthy like blue, sincere like indigo and calm like violet. For then you can face your obstacles, fear and sadness, but still have the strength and knowledge to keep happiness within you.


Dare to Feel,


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