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Medium: Acrylic

Original sizes:
  • 36" x 60"
Print sizes:
  • 12" x 24"
  • 18" x 36"
  • 24" x 36"
  • 24" x 48"
  • 36" x 48"

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Swamp Life Gator Mascot * Painted for My Lovie * 36” x 60” * Acrylic *

 Original not available, but Prints are!!!

Swamp Life Gator Mascot  was created for my LovieMy husband is a lifelong Gator fan. He is a University Florida alumnus and a major enthusiast. So, since I painted an LSU Tiger, perhaps you saw this a few weeks ago, it only seemed fair to paint him his own Gator. In fact, this painting hangs outside on a wall near his bar area where he watches most of the football games. Hopefully, there will be a few for him to enjoy this year.

For like all colleges, the University of Florida has it traditions as well. Indeed, Gator Nation is a big thing where you can hear Florida fans screaming “Go Gators!” at the top of their lungs.

In 1908, Austin Miller and his father were the inventors for the gator mascot. Austin was from Gainesville but at the time was a law school student at the University of Virginia. When his father, Phillip Miller, went to visit him at school, he wanted to buy some pennants and banners to sell at his store back home. While working with a manufacture, the Millers realized that the new school had no mascot.

Austin Miller said that the symbol of the alligator occurred to him because the alligator was native to the state of Florida and because he thought that no other school claimed the alligator as its symbol. The manager confirmed this but admitted that he had never seen an alligator before and was unsure if he could design one. Austin set out to find a suitable picture and returned sometime later with a photo that he had found in the University of Virginia Library. Since then, UF has completely covered the campus and the nation with the Florida Gator mascot logo. Indeed for the Florida fans, the Florida’s gator head is synonymous with college football greatness.

To read the full story Florida Gator Mascot History

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