The Big Bang

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Medium: Oil

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  • 72" x 72"
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The Big Bang  – the beginning of our Universe? 

Indeed, the Universe is a vast place of which our galaxy is only a small part. Additionally, we have the sun, planets, and stars; for every planet has a different number of moons, asteroids and meteors. But have you ever wondered how did it all begin? How did the Universe come into existence?

The Big Bang by Red, Oil Abstract, Room Setting

Actually, this Universe is governed by laws and rules that hold the solar systems together. Without the Universe, we would not have had Physics, Chemistry or any kind of law or life. For it is the curiosity of humans that give us the ability to look beyond the present.

The Big Bang

Alternatively, astronomers believe that the Universe came into being about 13.7 billion years ago, in an explosion known as “The Big Bang”. In an instant, space and the building blocks of matter were created, and time began. From that moment, the Universe began to expand, and continues to expand today.

The Big Bang by Red, Oil Abstract, Room Setting 2

So, this painting titled “The Big Bang” is my explosion of energy, color and action to create a homogeneous picture full of turns, unknowns, color and excitement. Additionally, it is almost like the center of the painting is continuing to expand to the outer reaches of this large six-foot by six-foot canvas, all the while exploring new feelings and new territory.

“If the fate of the universe was decided in a single moment at the instant of the Big Bang, that was the most creative moment of all.” ― Deepak Chopra

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