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Medium: Acrylic

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Unstoppable, another Artist Talk by Red with my usual emphasis on art, creativity, and a little music.

Unstoppable Acrylic Abstract by Red, 24" x 36", gallery wrap canvas hung in breakfast area  Unstoppable Acrylic Abstract by Red, 24" x 36", gallery wrap canvas hung over standing tub

Because I believe it is possible to achieve interesting and appealing art, it becomes reality.

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” — Buddha

Sometimes while creating, as the painting evolves, I feel it is going as I hoped it would. Other times, I seemed to have lost my groove. Usually this is because of me planning and thinking too much rather than letting my subconscious flow.

But I charge forward for my sense of purpose wants that creative essence conveyed on the canvas. As I try to capture the feeling that I want the painting to express, it seems to escape me. I think of putting away my paints and leaving the painting alone to return to it another day. However, I have this one trait Determination To Succeed that doesn’t allow me to stop until I am happy with the work and the piece is completed. Yes, there are the rare times when I put my paint brush down for another day, but this particular painting was not one of those times.

Acrylic Abstract by Red, 24" x 36", gallery wrap canvas hung over side hutch

I begin to look at the painting differently, willing to wipe out what I have just painted so that it might reflect my inner voice.  I begin to let the brush freely speak as opposed to the deliberate ideas I might have. For I know, the art is ready to come alive if only I believe in my creativity.

Unstoppable Acrylic Abstract by Red, 24" x 36", gallery wrap canvas hung iin bedroom

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

— Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. 

Unstoppable Acrylic Abstract

As you can see this acrylic painting that I titled “Unstoppable” has some interesting movements and angles brought together by vivid shades of blue complimented by dark greens, purples, fuchsia, yellow and accents of striking white. Its name is a reminder to me to keep going, to keep believing in myself, to keep creating and by all means keep the spirit of Red alive through my artwork.

Unstoppable Acrylic Abstract by Red, 36" x 24", gallery wrap canvas

Additionally, I mentioned above a little music would be thrown into my artist talk. Have you heard the song “Unstoppable” by The Score. Here is the link The Score – Unstoppable. The song has a great upbeat positive rhythm where you just might find yourself singing along to the lyrics.  Need a little motivation, why not listen to this song?

Acrylic Abstract by Red, 24" x 36", gallery wrap canvas hung iover seating bench

We can be heroes everywhere we go
We can have all that we ever want
Swinging like Ali, knocking out bodies
Standing on top like a champion
Keep your silver, give me that gold
You remember when I say
We can be heroes everywhere we go
Keeping us down is impossible
‘Cause we’re unstoppable

I leave you with one final quote “Run with your legs to be fast. Run with your mind to be faster. Run with your heart to be unstoppable.”  – Aalaynah Thompson

So, I will continue to Dream, Believe, Create, Succeed and I too can be unstoppable.      

Unstoppable abstract by Red Hung in bathroom

Dare to Feel,

Red (Linda Harrison)

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