Dance of the Peacock – SOLD

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“Be like a tree, bloom like a flower, sing like a bird, and dance like a peacock.” ― Debasish Mridha

Peafowl, also known as the Peacock has been admired by humans and kept as pets for thousands of years. Peacocks are large, colorful pheasants (typically blue and green) known for their iridescent tails.

These tail feathers, or coverts, spread out in a distinctive train that is more than 60 percent of the bird’s total body length and boast colorful “eye” markings of blue, gold, red, and other hues. The large train is used in mating rituals and courtship displays. It can be arched into a magnificent fan that reaches across the bird’s back and touches the ground on either side. Females are believed to choose their mates according to the size, color, and quality of these outrageous feather trains. Suitable males may gather harems of several females, each of which will lay three to five eggs. In fact, wild peafowl often roost in forest trees and gather in groups called parties.

First originating in India, peacocks can trace their history back to biblical times.  They are mentioned in the Bibleas being part of the treasure taken to the court of King Solomon.  They are also associated with Alexander the Great.  In his 1812 book The History of Animals, author Noah Webster writes:

“As early as the days of Solomon, these elegant fowls were imported into Palestine.  When Alexander was in India, he found them in vast numbers on the banks of the river Hyarotis, and was so struck with their beauty, that he forbid any person to kill or disturb them.”

But, there has always been more to the peacock than its dazzling plumage.  At various times and in various cultures, it has served as a symbol of good and evil, death and resurrection, and of sinful pride and overweening vanity.  And much like its avian brethren, the crow and the raven, the peacock has figured heavily in folktales and fables, as well as in countless superstitions that still exist today.

Today, there are many different colors and breeds that have been produced by man, including mottled, white, and a black-winged variety. Peafowl, particularly the brightly colored peacock, are one of our favorite captive birds, well suited for parks, zoos, and other domestic situations.

This painting titled “Dance of the Peacock” reminds of a peacock wildly strutting his stuff for all to see and admire and perhaps, catch the eye and admiration of one special collector.

“Like a peacock,your beauty is multiplied when you spread your wings and show the world your stuff! Don’t be afraid to be who you are – each peacockfeather is flawed and imperfect, but collectively they create something of great beauty. Your flaws are what make you perfect!” ~Unknown.

Title:  Dance of the Peacock – SOLD
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 36” x 24”

Here is another view of the painting 24×36

abstract, acrylic

Dare to Feel,

Red (Linda Harrison)

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