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Fearless Path – Diptych – SOLD

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Medium: Acrylic

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“Pave your own path and be fearless.” – Adam Draper

We all choose our paths of life. Some choices are easier than others. Some require us to walk alone and find our inner strength – to be fearless. In a time with so much social media and everyone vying for likes and attention, we often forget what is important. It is not about blending with each other to the point where you have lost our uniqueness, but the willingness to experience the solitude of a different path – being yourself.

Fearless Path - Diptych, Acrylic Abstract by Red, 2) 30"x30", Room View


Fears are equal to limits; and we all have them. Block by block, fear builds a cage around us, entrapping us within. Scared of what may happen if we choose to break out, we start telling ourselves we’re incapable to reach that goal.

I am not a fall in-line, get along with everyone type of person; but I have my share of fears and many of them sometimes limits reaching my goals. I keep reminding myself that when I am truly confident, I will be free to act fearlessly. And when you are fearless, you feel truly amazing. You have to stress yourself, both your body and mind, to keep moving forward. Not only will you see results sooner, but you will create the discipline that will make you unstoppable.

So I will use my fears to keep pushing me forward towards my goals, allowing my stubborn attitude to conquer the ugly beast. I guess fear is just our bad management of our own mental faculties. As I understand it, to create the life we most yearn to live, we must be willing to do the things that scare us. Again and again and again.

“I think if you want to do something, then you should go all out completely and be fearless.” – Anushka Sharma

Fearless Path - Diptych Abstract by Red, 2) 30"x30", Room View

I encourage you to take these unknown and sometimes lonely paths that in the end allow you to realize all you can be.  Youmust take our own fearless path to success and a better you.

“Be exactly who you are. You can fit in any space you see yourself in. Be fearless.”- Dawn Richard

This diptych with its smoky surreal background and striking bolt of color is titled “Fearless Path”. It represents that even though life offers us many scary challenges and unknowns, we can still reach our goals if we have the courage to take the fearless path.

Fearless Path - Diptych Acrylic Abstract by Red Room View 3

Title: Fearless Path – Diptych
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 2) 24” x 24”

Fearless Path Acrylic Abstract by Red, 30x30, Gallery Wrap canvas

Fearless Path Acrylic Abstract by Red, Gallery Wrap Canvas, 30x30

Dare to Feel,


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