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Medium: Acrylic

Original sizes:
  • 40" x 60"
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  • 12" x 24"
  • 18" x 24"
  • 18" x 36"
  • 24" x 30"
  • 24" x 36"
  • 24" x 48"
  • 30" x 40"
  • 36" x 48"

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Free Spirit

Dedicated to Susan for her spirit and courage to live life to its fullest while given the challenges of an unforgiving illness. Thank you for trusting me to create this special painting for you and to allow me the freedom to express my own spirit within the piece.

“In riding a horse, we borrow freedom” – Helen Thompson

Horses seem to represent the essence of a free spirit. Indeed, I think they are spirits of the wind. For this one animal has always inspired mankind. In fact, there is no other creature like the horse. The life-force, the power, the continual pool of energy, and the wonderful nature of the horse touches the thoughts and lives of everyone who comes in contact with them.

“When I bestride him, I soar, I am a hawk: he trots the air; the earth sings when he touches it; the basest horn of his hoof is more musical than the pipe of Hermes.” – William Shakespeare

Additionally, horses just seem to possess a magical charm that easily enchants anyone’s heart. It is as much valued and loved for its beauty as for its strength. For it inspires, it motivates, and it promises to take you to another world of glory. Many have tried, but there are not enough words to describe the specialness of a horse.

“I discovered that the horse is life itself, a metaphor but also an example of life’s mystery and unpredictability, of life’s generosity and beauty, a worthy object of repeated and ever-changing contemplation.” ~ Jane Smiley

One characteristic that we can learn from a horse is “Free Spirit or Individualist Nature. Having a free spirit doesn’t mean not being responsible. It means to lead a life of adventure, passion, and intrigue with a desire to run wild and live by your own rules. If you play by your own rules and trust your instincts, you can live life to the fullest.

I believe that horses bring out the best in us. They demand standards of behavior and levels of kindness that we, as humans, then strive to maintain. – Clare Balding

If you follow the temperament of the horse, you will have the power and beauty of a wild heart. So, the next time you have a tough choice to make remember the spirit of the horse. For the key to succeeding in life is allowing your soul to be light and your spirit to be free. You can experience your wildest dreams and your deepest desires with the right attitude. Believe in yourself and trust your soul, you can achieve all of your dreams.

“I have fallen in love with the imagination. And if you fall in love with the imagination, you understand that it is a free spirit. It will go anywhere, and it can do anything.” – Alice Walker

To close, I leave you with one more horse quote that I especially like.

“The horse, with beauty unsurpassed, strength immeasurable and grace unlike any other, still remains humble enough to carry a man upon his back.” ~ Amber Senti

Free Spirit l Acrylic l 40” x 60” l SOLD

SOLD – Prints Available

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