Wind Dancer

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Medium: Acrylic

Original sizes:
  • 36" x 36"
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  • 36" x 36"

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Wind Dancer Horses flutter in the breeze as they float on the gentle winds of the Earth, bringing adventure and excitement to those who believe.

Wind Dancer Painting by Red Hung Over Couch

In fact, horses are so graceful, majestic and one can just be in awe of their natural strength and beauty. They take us on such splendid journeys and give us a special love to always remember. For horses have been called the noblest of creatures, and it’s easy to see why. It is hard to believe they have lived on Earth for more than 50 million years. Having originated in North American, the Arabian horse and the Friesian horse are the most popular horse species.


“To see the wind’s power, the rain’s cleansing and the sun’s radiant life, one need only to look at the horse.” ~ Author Unknown

Wind Dancer Painting by Red In Bathroom Setting

When a horse gallops, all four hooves are off the ground at one point. It often appears they are floating amongst the clouds as they dance in ecstasy with the wind. Horses are remarkably fast and graceful all at once. In fact, the fastest recorded sprinting speed of a horse was 88 kph (55 mph). However, most horses gallop at around 44 kph or 27 mph.

“God made the horse from the breath of the wind, the beauty of the earth, and the soul of an angel.” ~ Unknown

Wind Dancer Horse Painting by Red In Room Setting

Wind Dancer Horse Abstract Painting

This painting titled “Wind Dancer” has a feeling of the horse dancing on the wind, surrounded by the magical heavenly clouds. So, if you ride horses, I hope you delight in feeling the freedom from gravity while experiencing theirgrace, beauty, and spirit.  Honestly, I believe a horse is an angel without wings.

“You and your horse. His strength and beauty. Your knowledge and patience and determination and understanding and love. That’s what fuses the two of you onto this marvelous partnership that makes you wonder… ‘What can heaven offer any better than what I have here on earth?’ “ ~ Monica Dickens

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