I’ll Play the Blues for You

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Medium: Acrylic

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  • 72" x 36"
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I’ll Play the Blues for You, a song by Albert King, is definitely an exceptional one. And the way Albert King plays the guitar, you can’t help but feel something. With his smokey vocals, he brings this particular song to life.

I’ll Play the Blues for You An Acrylic Abstract by Red, Gallery Wrap Canvas 36" x 72" hung over conference / dining table

Albert King born as Albert Nelson is quite a blues guitarist legend. Even though, he claimed to be related to BB King, that really wasn’t the case. No matter, for he was such a talented artist in his own right.  For his style, his bluesy voice, and his gifted hands for playing the guitar will always be remembered. Some said he didn’t just play the guitar, he made love to it. Moreover, he was a huge influence on lots of guitarists such as Clapton, Vaughn, Bonamassa, even the Killers.

I’ll Play the Blues for You Acrylic Abstract by Red on wall with blue chair setting, gallery wrap canvas, 72x36

Below are a few of the lyrics to the song. I highly recommend listening to it.  Then perhaps, you can see why as a person who loves the blues, this one I am definitely fond of. This is the link – Albert King and I’ll Play the Blues for You. Can’t you feel his Blues power? 

If you’re down an’ out, an’ you feel real hurt
Come on over, to the place where I work
An’ all your loneliness, I’ll try to soothe
I’ll play the blues for you 

Don’t be afraid, come on in
You might run across, yeah, some of your old friends
All your loneliness, I’ve got to soothe
I’ll play the blues for you

I’ll Play the Blues for You Acrylic Abstract by Red on wall over white couch, gallery wrap canvas, 36x72  I’ll Play the Blues for You Acrylic Abstract by Red on wall over couch, gallery wrap canvas, 36x72








 So, this acrylic painting is my tribute to Albert King, for his outstanding song and extraordinary guitar playing of  “I’ll Play the Blues for You”.

I’ll Play the Blues for You Acrylic Abstract by Red on white wall, gallery wrap canvas, 72x36

Dare to Feel,

Red (Linda Harrison)

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