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My heart is like paper. Yours is like a flame.

Have you listened to any Ray LaMontagne music? Ray LaMontagne is a music and folk veteran who has been around since the ‘90s, writing such hits as “Jolene,” “Trouble,” and “You Are The Best Thing.”

Well, one of his songs titled “Such a Simple Thing” can bring tears to your eyes. It is a romantic and soothing one. Indeed, Ray’s voice is ethereal and pure as he sings this beautiful song.

Like A Flame Oil Small Painting in Bathroom , 24x24, Gallery Wrap Canvas

The song is a tale of heartbreak and lost love. Oh, how exquisite Ray sings lines of the song such as:

Tell me what you’re feeling
I can take the pain
Tell me that you mean it
That you won’t leave again

Listening to the vocals and instrumentals in this song, one can easily feel the talent Ray processes. I think you would say his voice is nice on the ears.

For, this is an elegant and precious song! Moreover, the song talks about how he was hurt by his lover, but still wants her to stay and promise to not leave again. The powerful chorus of this song is unforgettable; and Rays sings it to perfection: “My heart is like paper, and yours is like a flame.” But even in all that hurt Ray provides the listener a positive outlook with the lyrics:

I can’t make you see
If you don’t by now
I’ll get through these chains
Some how, some how

Like A Flame Oil Small Painting Small Bench, 24x24, Gallery Wrap Canvas

Like A Flame – Small Oil Painting

Once I completed this small oil painting with its golden flames coursing through the colorful canvas, it reminded me of the soft, sweet sultry voice of Ray singing the words “Yours is Like a Flame”. The painting is such a simple thing and perhaps you can see the heart surrounded by the golden flames. The melody and heart touching lyrics makes a song of beauty that is conveyed in this particular abstract titled “Like A Flame”.

If you would like to listen to Ray singing Such a Simple Thing, just click on the link. Additionally, here is a link to the lyrics for the song – Such A Simple Thing Lyrics.

Like A Flame Oil Small Painting, Hung Over Tub 24x24, Gallery Wrap Canvas

Dare to Feel,

Red (Linda Harrison)

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