Liquid Elements

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Medium: Acrylic

Original sizes:
  • 18" x 24"
  • 24" x 18"
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  • 18" x 24"
  • 24" x 18"

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Liquid Elements can be created from many of nature’s building blocks.

When we look to the beauty of nature, we find that five elements provide the foundation for the entire physical world. These elements – Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth—are the building blocks of all material’s existence.

Liquid Elements Acrylic Abstract by Red, 24x18, Hung With Taupe Chair    Liquid Elements Acrylic Abstract by Red, 18x24, Hung Over Console Table Or Bench

Whether walking headfirst into a gale of wind or digging our hands into the soil, we possess an inherent familiarity with the elements. All organic and inorganic substances are combinations of these elements, be it a time-polished rock or a shiny piece of plastic. Every object is unique because it contains a varying ratio of the five elements.

Liquid Elements Acrylic Abstract by Red, 24x18, Hung on Brick Wall

The Five Elements explain why substances of the natural world are harmonious with the human body. We easily utilize plants, herbs, minerals, and water, because these substances are the same in composition and character to our own underlying make-up.

Liquid Elements Acrylic Abstract by Red, 24x18, Hung over Floating Shelf

Element is a part or aspect of something abstract, especially one that is essential or characteristic. I named this painting “Liquid Elements” for its feeling of elements flowing together to create a sense of harmony. Oh and just one final tidbit – without the natural world’s elements, we would not exist.

Liquid Elements Acrylic Abstract by Red, 18x24 Gallery Wrap Canvas

Do you take time to connect and reflect on the 5 elements – Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth?

Dream. Believe. Create. Succeed.

Dare to Feel,

Red (Linda Harrison)

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