Local Artist Pops Bank of America Center Downtown Orlando, FL

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Good afternoon,

Perhaps you have noticed that we recently added some color to our lobby thanks to the local artist known as “Red”.

Based in Lake Mary, FL and specializing in abstract paintings, Red has graciously added some color to our everyday world.  Her vivid paintings are usually acrylics on canvas, paper and panels of all sizes.  All of her paintings are originals and for sale.

Red’s Artist Statement

Some of my family and friends know me as “Red”, because of my red hair. But, I chose the name “Red” because the color represents for me strength, passion and spirit – just the elements I want to express in my artwork.

Strength – to express my art freely and allow my inner self to dance across the canvas;

Passion – to live and express life to its fullest; and

Spirit – to know we belong to something higher and more meaningful than just us.

Art is an extraordinary world that allows me to explore unlimited boundaries of imagination and creativity.  I have always felt free, alive and in touch with my inner spirit when I am outdoors experiencing nature or when I am in the creative process.

Abstract, Acrylic

I believe all things found in this world have some form of energy; and I like to express this energy in my artwork through vibrant colors and movement.  I am drawn to the freedom and expression of this energy through abstract painting with acrylics.

I hope you enjoy the exhibit and perhaps they touch you in a unique and personal way.  Enjoy.



Parkway is proud to have Red at the Bank of America Center and we hope you will take the time to enjoy each painting.

Thanks and have a great day!

Jennifer Campbell | Senior Property Administrator | Parkway Realty Services

Bank of America Center

390 North Orange Avenue | Suite 2400 | Orlando, FL 32801

Telephone 407.481.5858 | Mobile 407.949.8458


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