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Red- How Did You Begin Creating Abstract?

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Print available for this painting

Red – How did you begin creating abstracts?

Art and creatively have always been a part of my life. My parents and parental grandmother were avid amateur artists. They painted landscapes, still life in oils, charcoal or watercolors and created ceramics and other assorted crafts.

I, of course, participated in many of these activities and much more such as knitting, crocheting, mosaics, designing my own clothes, making home decorations, and yes, painting. However, the realism of painting landscapes, flowers, or fruit did not appeal to me.

Years later, on a cool spring day, in the foothills outside of Denver, I had a desire to paint, but not just any painting, I wanted to paint an abstract.  That one day of creating my first abstract from my limited available resources, changed my life. The desire to create through painting took center stage. I am thrilled to spend endless hours learning the craft and creating contemporary abstracts using acrylics and oils.

This is my first abstract that I created that fine day. I grabbed an old decorative painting from the wall, collected every available house paint, spray paint, magic marker, brush, sponge and tool I could locate and this is the result. The painting hangs in the entry way of my home; and it is just a reminder that if you have a desire to create then you should follow your passion without regard to the end game.

A young friend of mine shared this quote with me the other day; and I find it so immensely me.

“When our work is also what we love, what we are passionate about doesn’t exhaust us” – Patricia Moreno

Abstract, Acrylic


Painting is my outlet that gives me unlimited joy and freedom. Hopefully my creations touch each of you in a unique and personal way. By the way, this first abstract painting of mine is titled “No Turning Back”.

Dare to Feel,


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