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Sam and Dean are brothers, well at least in a TV series called “Supernatural”.  The TV series is surprisingly enjoyable to watch; and I am drawn to the main characters – two brothers, Sam and Dean.

The brothers are so very different in personality, approach and thinking; but they have learned to work together in the Family Business to fight evil, and protect innocent people from bad things.

This painting is titled “Sam and Dean” because even with the many different directions, angles and shapes all intertwined in a dark and light palette, in the end, they all come together in a beautiful, successful way. 

Though there are dark times in the world, “Sam and Dean”, represent a prevailing belief in good, hope and striving to do the right thing.

Title: Sam and Dean

Medium: Oil

Size: 36” x 18”

Price: Sold

 Do you watch the “SuperNatural” TV series?



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