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This painting titled “Unity” is especially close to my heart. My oldest brother has come to visit me a couple of times; and when he does, it usually includes a specific painting that he wants to create with my guidance. He loves to fish; so most of these paintings involve a beautiful fish captured in an interesting and colorful mixture of the fish and water. 

Unlike me, his paintings are mostly representational rather than abstract. He has a predefined outcome which is a challenging and welcoming change to my extemporaneous painting style.  So, on his last visit, he completed his painting; and with time to spare, we decided to paint one together. Well, of course he wanted to have a predefined plan; and of course, I did not. Well, I won out. I said, “let’s just paint and see what evolves”. He was in. 

We chose a 40×30 canvas, some colors; and we both started to paint. Oh, what fun we had with both of us dancing around each other to insert our spirit to the painting. What you see is the outcome of our joint venture; and now you understand why I named it “Unity”.

“Brothers and Sisters: Separated by Distance, Joined by Love.” – Chuck Danes

Brother and sister, together as friends, sharing life’s experiences.

Joy and laughter or tears and strife, together, we dance through life.

Yes, we’re aware of how obnoxious we are when we are together. No, we don’t care!

Title: Unity

Medium:  Acrylic

Size: 40×30

Price: Not for Sale

Do you have creative adventures with your brother or sister?

Dare to Feel,


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