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Life offers us unexpected simple pleasures. Like a simple day in my studio when these two paintings just evolved through a few colors, a palate knife, and a couple of brushes.  But that is not the whole story of how this diptych received its name: Simple Pleasures.

A dear friend dropped by to visit me in my studio and she brought along another friend that had been wanting to personally see my artwork and studio. Oh, what a fun afternoon. I watched the new visitor gaze upon the many different paintings and get lost in her many choices. It was such a simple pleasure watching a new collector experience my work while trying to decide on the right pieces for her home.

The diptych was hanging high on the wall to dry and my other friend who has purchased several of my paintings, said “Oh, I really like these especially the colors. The colors may work well for my guest bedroom”.  Well, the afternoon went by quickly with me sharing details about specific paintings that they both were interested in; and my new collector deciding on 3 pieces.

After I loaded the paintings in the car and said our farewells, I went back to my studio and looked up at the newly created diptych and thought – Simple Pleasures is what I should title these paintings since they were created on a day that offered the sweetness and beauty of friendship married with the sharing of art.  It is funny how the simplest things can bring us great delight.









Title:  Simple Pleasures – Diptych – SOLD
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 2) 24” x 12”




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