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Tangled Up In Blue 

“Tangled up in Blue”is a painting that began its creation at the same time Bob Dylan’s Song “Tangled Up In Blue”began to play through the speakers in my studio. 

I am not going to decipher or try to interrupt Dylan’s meaning for this song. All I know is I like the song, enjoyed singing it while lost in bringing this abstract to life. The song “Tangled Up in Blue” represents the wonderful Dylan style with smoky, sultry, folksy sadness, like signing the blues while conveying a ballad. 

I read that Dylan continually reworked the lyrics to the song “Tangled Up in Blue”. In fact if you hear him sing it today, new lyrics have been changed from the original well-known 1975 version. I provided the original lyrics below. A decade after the original version, Dylan told Rolling Stone in 1985 this about the song:

 “I was never really happy with it. I guess I was just trying to make it like a painting where you can see the different parts, but then you also see the whole of it. With that particular song, that’s what I was trying to do . . . with the concept of time, and the way the characters change from the first person to the third person, and you’re never quite sure if the third person is talking or the first person is talking. But as you look at the whole thing it really doesn’t matter. On ‘Real Live,’ the imagery is better and more the way I would have liked it than on the original recording.” – Source: The New Yorker, Bob Dylan’s First Day with “Tangled Up in Blue” By Jeff Slate, October 31, 2018

Some have said that Dylan is known to endlessly and brutally edit his lyrics until the very last minute in the studio and well into the song’s future. I as an abstract painter can relate to this philosophy.  For I often, may bring out a painting that was completed months to years ago or even perhaps days and rework it with a hope to make it fully express my emotional voice. 

Dylan has performed “Tangled Up in Blue” 1,546 times during his Never Ending Tour, which began in 1988 and is still going. I read that he still continues to refine the lyrics and may even change them from night to night. At least, I don’t rework my paintings that often, at least not yet. 

  • Title: Tangled Up In Blue
  • Medium: Oil
  • Size: 40×40
  • Price: $2400 – SOLD

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