The Glacier

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Medium: Acrylic

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The Glacier is a remarkable massive body of ice and snow that holds such awe and beauty. For glaciers with their angles, sharp edges, and uneven surfaces are mesmerizing. Moreover, some glaciers appear dusty and rocky and others radiate such a brilliant aquamarine color, it looks as if they are lighted from within by an intense halogen bulb.

The Glacier Acrylic Abstract by Red Room Pic

Indeed, the world today would look very different were it not for glaciers, God’s great plough. For over many thousands of years, these natural wonders carved out landforms such as fjords and America’s Great Lakes. Through time, glaciers creep their way across vast regions, spreading compacted snow and ice with their hefty mass. Indeed, no swath of land standing in their way is not affected.

The Arctic has huge glaciers, frozen waterfalls and floating ice. This is scenery on which man has left no mark, which has stayed unchanged for centuries, wild, bleak, hauntingly beautiful; it is a part of God’s creation we have made no effort to tame. – Ann Widdecombe

Captivating Our Emotions

As you look upon these snow-capped reaches and feel the brisk surrounding air, you can let you mind wander over these majestic creations and lofty ridges. In truth, they are too captivating to not feel any emotion. For, the enthralling beauty of glaciers can leave their imprint upon your soul as you are transfixed with their gleaming lattice work of swirling ice.

A man who keeps company with glaciers comes to feel tolerably insignificant by and by. The Alps and the glaciers together are able to take every bit of conceit out of a man and reduce his self-importance to zero if he will only remain within the influence of their sublime presence long enough to give it a fair and reasonable chance to do its work.

The Glacier Acrylic Abstract by Red Wall Pic

Additionally, here are a couple of interesting facts about glaciers.

  • Glacier ice is the largest reservoir of fresh water on the planet, storing an estimated 75 percent of the world’s supply.
  • A single glacier ice crystal can grow to be as large as a baseball.
  • They behave like extremely slow-moving rivers. Like the mighty Mississippi, glacial ice—which is driven by gravity—flows from high to low elevations. In the process, it often removes and transports chunks of rock (called “glacial erratics”), sometimes across a few hundred miles.

The Glacier an Acrylic Abstract

“Emotions are to a Pen,

What Glaciers are to a Sea..

They are forever unremitting.”

– shrawanidas

So, perhaps you can see why I named this acrylic abstract painting “The Glacier”. With its inky gray swirls and icy jagged angles along with the cool blues and whites, I can almost feel the crisp cold air radiating from it.

You can read a few more facts about glaciers here: Ten interesting facts about glaciers or Cool facts about glaciers.

The Glacier Acrylic Abstract by Red Room Setting

The Glacier l 30” x 24” l Acrylic l

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