Why Abstract Art?

Why Abstract Art? Abstract art is a type of art that has no boundaries within the real world. Indeed, that is why I am so drawn to this form of art. For it releases a sense of freedom that I [...]

Distant Cliffs

The Distant Cliffs are far away, but I still can see them towering over the sea. Can you see the cliffs off into the distant? Are you intrigued by their majestic height, their seemly powerful [...]

Fine State of Mind

An artist is especially thrilled when she is in the groove or a Fine State of Mind. For, some days in the studio, life’s everyday distractions are prominent and won’t leave my subconscious. [...]

Red Begins Creating Abstracts?

Red Begins Creating Abstracts – How it all began.  Art and creatively have always been a part of my life. My parents and parental grandmother were avid amateur artists. They painted [...]


“Let your Soulshine It’s better than sunshine It’s better than moonshine Damn sure better than rain” Maybe you recall the song sung by the Allman Brothers called “Soulshine”. Such a [...]

Barbecue Sky

Summer arrives with a Barbecue Sky. For, summer is a time when color abounds. Indeed, it seems brilliant color is everywhere – the sky, the oceans, the multitude of flowers blooming, [...]