Distant Cliffs

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The Distant Cliffs are far away, but I still can see them towering over the sea. Can you see the cliffs off into the distant? Are you intrigued by their majestic height, their seemly powerful vertical structure, or just their massive architecture?

Distant Cliffs Oil Abstract by Red Room Setting

From sheer sea cliffs in Europe to the amazing peaks in Chile, cliffs are splendid marvels of mother nature. Soring, beautiful, breathtakingly dramatic, (and also vertigo-inducing) you can find cliffs all over the world. Since they were formed millions and millions of years ago, cliffs offer such history along with some mystery too. What secrets does all that rock hold? What stories can they tell us of long ago?

Cliffs are rich in folklore tales that have been around for centuries. Here is one about the famous Cliffs of Moher. From: Cliffs Of Moher Became Ireland’s Most Majestic Attraction.

“This tale begins with a local fisherman who meets a mermaid with a magic cloak. The mermaid needs the cloak to return to the sea but, in an effort to trap her, the man steals it and makes a run for his house. 

The mermaid follows him but can’t find the cloak and is forced to stay on land. She winds up marrying the fisherman and they have two children together. Years later, while the man is sleeping, the mermaid finds the cloak and returns to the sea, never to be seen again.”

Distant Cliffs Room Setting, Oil Abstract by Red

Famous Distant Cliffs

Cliffs are formed as erosion landforms by the processes of weathering and erosion. Yet, they are common on coasts, in mountainous areas, escarpments and along rivers. For, cliffs are usually formed by rock that is resistant to weathering and erosion. For instance, Sedimentary rocks most likely to form cliffs include sandstonelimestonechalk, and dolomiteIgneous rocks such as granite and basalt also often form cliffs.

Indeed, some of the most famous cliffs are:

To read about these cliffs and discover all 16 of the most epic ones, click this link: the-16-most-epic-cliffs-in-the-world.

Gazing upon this painting titled “Distant Cliffs”, I visualize the massive towering cliffs meeting the sea. The wild sea roars and lashes the granite cliffs below, but yet, the vertical structure remains intact. Such beauty to behold. As I gaze out on this clear day, panoramic views of the surrounding area engulf my senses with such wonder. I quiet my mind and absorb all that natural ruggedness, that majestic intensity. Cliffs so remote that it is rare that humans traverse the area, if at all.  Oh, those vertical awe-inspiring ascents with its natural beauty, what stories can you tell me, what adventures have you experienced?

Be like the cliff against which the waves continually break; but it stands firm and tames the fury of the water around it.Marcus Aurelius


Distant Cliffs Oil Abstract by Red Room Setting

Dare to Feel,


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