Colorado Autumn Blend

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Medium: Acrylic

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  • 36" x 60"
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Colorado Autumn Blend

Colorado was my home for 10 years; and there is just something about its beauty and positive spiritual energy that will always make me feel alive, free and humble to be able to experience the magnificence of Colorado.

Colorado Autumn Blend by Red, 36" x 60", Abstract Room Setting

Now, the artist has returned home to Florida after a recent visit to Colorado; but Colorado’s inspiration lingers with me for a while. For I can still hear the whistling of the powerful mountain winds as they sang through the trees and howl through the rocky ridges. Moreover, I listen for the waterfall winding its way through the terrain. Even, the wildflowers are taking their last bow to make way for the autumn colors to take center stage. I snap a few photos of the few lucky ones still in their glory.

Colorado Autumn Blend Comes to Life

Nevertheless, the path is now sprinkled with bits of golden essence from the newly turned aspens as the winds undress their branches. The clean air invites me to smell the pines, to breathe in all the goodness of nature’s treasures. Subsequently, I take a last look back to hold onto the phenomenal expanse of brilliant, bright blue skies touching ragged mountaintops that drop down to aspen groves. And I continue my gaze to see the aspens beginning to shine yellow and mingle with the multicolor foliage that decorates the mountain meadows. Oh a glorious inspiration, so now it is time I step into my studio and transfer all this beautiful essence into a painting or two.

Colorado Autumn Blend by Red, 36" x 60", Abstract Room Setting 2

This painting titled “Colorado Autumn Blend” was a result of letting the inspiration of Colorado and my recent Colorado outdoor experiences make their way to my canvas.

Colorado Autumn Blend by Red, 36" x 60" Abstract Painting Room Setting

Title: Colorado Autumn Blend
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 36×60

Dare to Feel,


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  • Cleo Bagwell

    Hello Lin! I like Colorado Autumn Blend!
    It does make me remember all the days we spent in Colorado. Your art work has vision and movement an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your talents and gifts!
    I always enjoy reading the story with the painting!
    Love You!

    • Red (Linda Harrison)

      Thank you Cle. Yes, our experiences in Colorado are always remembered with fondness. I appreciate you heartwarming compliments of my artwork. Thank you. Love you too! Red

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