Heart of Gold

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Medium: Mixed Media (Oils & Acrylics)

Original sizes:
  • 60" x 30"
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  • 48" x 36"
  • 40" x 30"
  • 48" x 24"
  • 36" x 24"
  • 36" x 18"
  • 30" x 24"
  • 24" x 18"
  • 24" x 12"

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Are you searching for a heart of gold? Does this phrase call up the memory of Neil’s Young hit song “Heart of Gold”?

In fact, “Heart of Gold” was one of Neil Young’s biggest and most successful songs. It was released in 1972 from the Harvest album. Additionally, it was the first Canadian artist’s album to top the Billboard 200.

It is written that Neil Young wrote this song after a back injury. For, the song, which features backup vocals of James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt, is one of a series of soft acoustic pieces which were written partly as a result of his back injury. Unable to stand for long periods of time, Young could not play his electric guitar. So he returned to his acoustic guitar, which he could play sitting down. He also played his harmonica during the three instrumental portions, including the Introduction to the song.

Heart of Gold Abstract by Red, Mixed Media, 60x30, Room Setting

Neil Young said this in 1977 about the song:

“This song put me in the middle of the road. Traveling there soon became a bore so I headed for the ditch. A rougher ride but I saw more interesting people there.” By far, this was the biggest hit for Young as a solo artist. A very influential musician, he was never too concerned about making hit records. Even now, the song continues to be among the most requested and performed in concert.

It just seemed natural to name this painting a Heart of Gold” because of its overall gold / yellow flowing tones accompanied by the vivid strong but appealing blue.  Perhaps you have had the good fortune to experience someone who is very good and kind – someone valued for their goodness – a heart of gold.

No beauty shines brighter than a good heart.  

Heart of Gold Abstract by Red, Mixed Media, 60x30, Room Setting








A Few lines of the Lyrics are list below and you can see the complete lyrics here:

Neil Young – Heart Of Gold Lyrics | AZLyrics.comwww.azlyrics.com › N › Neil Young Lyrics

I want to live
I want to give
I’ve been a miner for a heart of gold
It’s these expressions
I never give
That keep me searching for a heart of gold

And I’m getting old

Dare to Feel,


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