Muddled Berries

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Muddled Berries Contemporary Oil Abstract by Red, Room View, 18"x18", Gallery Wrap Canvas

Muddled Berries by Red – Abstract Artist

Oh, the berry. Such a popular fruit! Often named as the miracle fruit. But what really is it? A berry is a fleshy fruit formed from the ovary of a single flower with a seed, or seeds, embedded on the inside of the flesh. They come in various colors — mainly blue, red, or purple.

There is such a variety of berries available to us. Just to name a few – Goji berries, cranberries, Acai berries, boysenberry, blueberries. There is even some fruit that you would not think is in the berry family. But they are. Such as the banana, avocado, pumpkin, tomato, watermelon and even the kiwi. For all of these actually have seeds on the inside.

However, I didn’t mention strawberries or raspberries in the list above. For these are not technically part of the berry family. If you look at a strawberry, it has studded seeds all around the outside of the fruit. So botanically speaking, strawberries don’t meet the definition of a berry.

The Berry – Perfect for Cocktails

Today this versatile fruit comes in all kinds of forms – fresh, frozen, dried, powdered. Berries tend to have a good nutritional profile. They’re typically high in fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidant polyphenols. They are sweet or sour in taste and often used in preserves, jams, and desserts.

So, if they are that healthy, why not add them to your cocktail? I like using this fruit in my cocktails. I even include the extended fruit family in my drinks – the strawberry and raspberry. Can’t you just envision fresh blackberries, strawberries, blueberries even raspberries all muddled together for the perfect cocktail. With a little muddling, I release the wonderful flavors into my cocktail of choice. Muddling means to press the ingredients against the side of the glass with a muddler.

For a refreshing drink with a little fruit, muddled berries seem to fit the bill.  There are so many options with berries.  While I prefer vodka instead of gin, the recipe below is a prime example.

MUDDLED BLACKBERRY GIN SMASH COCKTAIL. A great mix of muddled berries and tartness from the lemon, this Muddled Blackberry Gin cocktail is a perfect sipper!  -Check out the recipe here.

I titled this painting “Muddled Berries”.  With a little imagination, can’t you just see the muddled raspberries, strawberries and even the blueberries. Are you ready for a berry drink? Just need some vodka!!!

Muddled Berries Contemporary Oil Abstract by Red, Room View 2, 18"x18", Gallery Wrap Canvas

  • Title: Muddled Berries
  • Medium: Oil
  • Size: 18”x18”

Another view of this same painting at a different angle.

Muddled Berries Oil Abstract By Red (Linda Harrison)

Dare to Feel,



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