Color My World

You can always Color My World. To begin with, imagine the world around you without colors for a minute, how uninteresting and dull life would be. For colors play a vital role in our daily lives. [...]

Tween Times, Tween Places

Tween Times, Tween Places and Faeries exist harmoniously. For you can’t enter the faerie realm unless you have the right time and place. Oh, how magical the tween times and tween places are! For [...]

Heart of Gold

Are you searching for a heart of gold? Does this phrase call up the memory of Neil’s Young hit song “Heart of Gold”? In fact, “Heart of Gold” was one of Neil Young’s biggest and most [...]


“Seriousness is too boring to the playful human condition. A heart of stone that has a long face can never express love.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson, Master of Maxims We often forget to play. [...]

Life’s Little Mysteries

This small painting titled “Life’s Little Mysteries” conveys how something small could still be impactful and make its own statement. So, your voice might be small for it is only one, but you can [...]

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