Swamp Life – Prints Only Available

Swamp Life Gator Mascot * Painted for My Lovie * 36” x 60” * Acrylic *  Original not available, but Prints are!!! Swamp Life Gator Mascot  was created for my Lovie. My husband is a lifelong Gator [...]

These Eyes – Original SOLD – Prints Available

Original Sold, Prints Available These Eyes Owl Abstract. These Eyes have it. I have always been intrigued by owls and just love seeing them. I am fortunate to live in an area that I hear them [...]

The Voice of Art

The Voice of Art – Importance of Art   I would like to share with you “Why Art is Important”. And the best way I can think of to begin is with a quote from Victor Pinchuk – “Art, freedom, [...]

Distant Cliffs

The Distant Cliffs are far away, but I still can see them towering over the sea. Can you see the cliffs off into the distant? Are you intrigued by their majestic height, their seemly powerful [...]